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Pop Shop Vol. 11 (1980)

Pop Shop Vol. 11 (1980)
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Pop Shop was long-running South African series of compilations featuring some of the big hits (including many by domestic acts) which began in 1977 and ran until 1991. The Pop Shop series carried on until the number 51 and then stopped in 1991 due to the record press factories in South Africa closing down. This made room for CD planting presses. Out of the Pop Shop series only Pop Shop 46 to 51 made it to CD. The rest were all records and cassettes!

Side 1:
1. Village People - Can't Stop The Music
2. Neville Nash - Give Me The Love
3. Babe - The Drunken Sailor
4. Dennis Parker - New York By Night
5. Ottawan - D.I.S.C.O.
6. J. Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties
Side 2:
1. Maywood - Late At Night
2. David London - The Sound Of The City
3. Richard Jon Smith - Love Thy Neighbour
4. Barbara Ray - Down The Mississippi
5. Robbie Dupree - Steal Away
6. Carly Simon - Jesse
7. Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind

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