We charge a Postnet to Postnet fee of R99.00 per order within South Africa, so please ensure that your delivery address is correct. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to verify that we are sending your order to the closest Postnet For international orders, shipping depends on weight and is worked out before you check out to pay.

Orders close to Pretoria

Depending on the nature of the order and our route for the day/week, we might contact you to arrange for a personal delivery to your home or place of work if you are in the Pretoria/Centurion/Midrand area. In some instances where the rest of Gauteng might fall within our daily planning, we might even deliver there. We contact every clients for each order anyway, to ensure that we send the orders off to the correct Postnet.

Pre-loved vinyl for sale

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Vinyl records
The best hand-picked selection of fairly priced pre-owned vinyl! We mainly focus on pop, rock, Afrikaans, boeremusiek and children's albums. You will also find some very odd or rare gems from time to time, so keep checking back in. We try to add at least 5 new albums every week. All our vinyl albums are stored upright, properly cleaned and listened to, to ensure that they don't skip. Before we send our albums to their new homes we give them each a new plastic outer sleeve. Please check each album description for details on price and condition. Where possible, we have included a video or music link.
Groep Twee ‎– Die Ou Kraalliedjie (1973)
Product ID : Groep Twee ‎– Die Ou Kraalliedjie (1973)
Des And Dawn ‎– Raindrops Whales & Dragons Tails (1977)
Product ID : Des And Dawn ‎– Raindrops Whales & Dragons Tails (1977)
Pinocchio Begin Sy Lewe (1979)
Product ID : Pinocchio Begin Sy Lewe (1979)
Pop Shop Vol. 1 (1977)
Product ID : Pop Shop Vol. 1
Air Supply ‎– Greatest Hits (1983)
Product is out of stock
Product ID : Air Supply ‎– Greatest Hits
Product is out of stock
Kadoefie die Lokomotiefie vol2 (1976)
Product ID : Kadoefie die Lokomotiefie vol2
Sias Reinecke - Sproetjies (1980)
Product ID : Sias Reinecke - Sproetjies
The Castle Of Adventure - Enid Blyton (1982)
Product ID : The Castle Of Adventure - Enid Blyton
Rachel Sweet ‎– Protect The Innocent (1980)
Product ID : Rachel Sweet ‎– Protect The Innocent
Best of John Berks (1983)
Product ID : Best of John Berks
Sonja Herholdt - Sonja (1976)
Product ID : Sonja Herholdt - Sonja
Alyssa Milano ‎– Alyssa (1989)
Product ID : Alyssa Milano ‎– Alyssa